A great update from Christians Against Poverty

Happy new year to you!

I hope and pray you had a really great Christmas. As we move into a new year, it’s great to reflect on all that God’s done through CAP with your support in 2015.

We helped

  • 16,656 new people to work their way out of debt!
  • 2,642 people became debt free!
  • 25% of the people who attended a CAP Job Club got a job! (that’s 376 people!)
  • Most importantly, 877 people found a new relationship with Jesus!

As you hear these figures, I want you to know that these are real people, with real families who live in streets just like yours. Real mums and dads whose lives you have helped save, with children you have helped feed. Let that sink in and be truly thanked for your support.

John Kirkby
Founder and International Director

Child Protection Policy

For all those involved with work with youth and children in the church, here is our updated Child Protection Policy.

A copy can be emailed or paper copy given by Sue Swift.

Christmas Giving 2015

This year we will be using our Christmas giving to bring some aid to refugees via two agencies (see below). So far the total is: £2,008.50.


Across the Middle East, millions of people are suffering. In Syria and Iraq millions have fled their homes to escape the terrifying brutality of Islamic

State (IS) militants. Despite security risks, Tearfund are at work on the ground supporting families who urgently need access to safe water, shelter and vital essentials. But we need to do so much more.

Tearfund is working with local partners in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq among the 12 million people who have had to flee their homes due to conflict. www.tearfund.org/give


The Well provides advice and information for Asians and other individuals from ethnic minority communities on issues including immigration, housing, law, travel, benefits, employment, and family issues. Services offered are on a free, drop-in basis. The Well also delivers a number of community based services including: A weekly men’s computer class, A mother and toddler group, English classes…

The Well seeks to show Christ’s love to those who come along, to build bridges between people, cultures and communities and to provide a great service and welcome.

The Well is located in Govanhill which is the most ethnically diverse area of Scotland with at least 52 nationalities living locally. In 2014 the Well had 9533 enquiries for help and helped over 1000 people from 25 nationalities. All of this great work is done on a budget of just £100,000 per year, thanks to around 40 dedicated volunteers (including some YWAM colleagues of Frank and Becky and Jayne serving on their Board).

The Well is able to run itself for £100,000 a year and so even £10 goes a long way to provide essential help to people who have come to Scotland from many countries. www.thewell.org.uk

Giving envelopes are available from the front of the church (please sign the gift aid declaration if applicable), and watch the Christmas trees get decorated (each £10 will add a rosette).