John 15: 1-8

God wants his church to grow:
In depth of faith
In impact in the world
In numbers coming to faith and being disciples.

Send in your questions | Hustings Meeting

Meet the MSP candidates in Clackmannanshire: 26 April @ 7:30 at Alva Baptist church on Brook Street, Alva.

Send in your questions for the candidates at or #‎alvahustings2016 on Twitter.

International Nepal Fellowship – Raju Adhikari

Isaiah 51:1-3

This passage encouraged the Nepalese after the earth quake that struck on 25th April last year.

Curry Night

Enjoy a delicious, home-made curry and join your friends and neighbours for some good company.

Saturday, May 7 • 6:30pm • Centenary Hall, Tillicoultry

Get your tickets from Ann & Ian Taylor.

Walking Away From Salvation

Luke 24:13-35

The two people walking to Emmaus must have been bewildered from all that had gone on during that week. Then a third person came alongside them and things changed.


How do you explain Jesus’ death and resurrection?

Some things are very hard to explain. Jesus’ death and resurrection are the ultimate example of love and if we seek to believe, we can receive forgiveness.