Entries by Jon Watkins

Being Disciples

Luke 5:1-11 Would Simon, Andrew, James & John look at me and recognise me as a disciple? Why do you follow Jesus?


Matthew 26:36-42, Matthew 27:45-50 & Matthew 28:1-10 Victory over death, resurrection and new life.

Last goodbye

Matthew 28:19 & Matthew 5:16 The Gospel is a rich resource for meaning to life. If we’re not excited by it then how can we show other people how good the good news is?

‘It was necessary…’

Luke 2:41-52 & 24:13-35 When did you change your mind as a result of reading the scriptures? Don’t get ahead of Jesus? There are so many opportunities to serve God in the community without rushing on to the next thing. Wait for Him to lead.


Matthew 22:37 & 39, Matthew 28:19 We join with God in His mission. What do this mean for me and for us? How do these things work out?