P6-S1 CLUB 26th-28th July

NEW, for those from P6-S1, three evenings of games, challenges, chat and freinds. 6:30-8:00 – 26th, 27th,28th July – Centenary Hall. Please join us. It’s free and you can download a registration form here and bring it with you or register on the night.

2016 P6 to S1 CLUB Registration Form

P6 S1 Club for Gala 2016

HOLIDAY CLUB 25th-29th July

Yes, it’s time for summer fun again for P1-P5 children. Join us for a week of fun, bible stories, music, games, craft. 2:00-4:00 – 25th-29th July. It’s free and a registration form for you to download can be accessed via this link.


Holiday Club 2016

New Music

We have created a YouTube and Spotify Playlist of some of the new songs we currently sing and will introduce soon.

Community Quiz 2016

Thank you so much to all who joined us for the 6th Community Quiz.

It was a great and entertaining evening and £400 was raised for the work of the Parent Council in Tilly Primary.

Thank you so much


community quiz

Curry Night

Enjoy a delicious, home-made curry and join your friends and neighbours for some good company.

Saturday, May 7 • 6:30pm • Centenary Hall, Tillicoultry

Get your tickets from Ann & Ian Taylor.

Mission Challenge – March

The Mission Group would like to issue a monthly ‘Mission Challenge’ for all the church. We hope you enjoy trying different things in the knowledge that we are all trying it together.

We would especially like to hear the stories of how you get on with them (info@tillicoultrybaptist.org).

So March’s challenge is:

‘… do something you like to do and invite someone to join you’

40 Days of Prayer

Banner 40 days of PrayerDuring the 40 days of Lent we would like to invite everyone in the church to pray. We hope to provide encouragement and opportunities to pray, to listen to God and see Him at work through prayer.

As people connect with God through prayer in different ways we hope to provide a range of opportunities and resources with something that will suit you.


catching the wave: prayer guide

TRY PRAYING have produced a resource to guide prayer over 40 Days starting on 9th February. This provides a daily Bible passage, a story and suggestions for prayer. It can be downloaded as a PDF at:


Paper copies will also be available at church. We hope that this will be a helpful resource to help inspire prayer.

As well as a Bible passage and a story to reflect on, the “catching the wave” prayer guide encourages us to pray for 3 things each day:


           If there is one thing that you want God to do during these 40 Days, what is it?



During these 40 Days you are encouraged to pray for people to become Christians.



Every day we are invited to pray for revival in this area.


More details of these 3 prayer focusses can be found in the extract of the “catching the wave” booklet.


open church

To provide the opportunity for people to pray personally, the church building will be open during the 40 days. Ideas and resources will be available to help you pray.

Tuesday 10:00am- 1:00pm

Thursday 2:00pm – 4:00pm



Every week there are opportunities to come together with others and pray. The usual key times for praying together are:


WEDNESDAY EARLY PRAYER: 6:30am-7:30am at Church

SUNDAY MORNING PRAYER: 10:30am – 10:50am in the Annexe

Even if you don’t usually join these times to pray, please consider joining others in this 40 days.

sunday evening prayer 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Each Sunday evening there will be an opportunity to gather and pray with other people. Every week will have a different style so one of them will suit you.


gathering to pray for people and situations

21st Feb      PRAYER and MINISTRY:

a time to listen to God and pray for one other person

28th Feb      CREATIVE PRAYER:

a number of creative ways to pray and listen to God

6th Mar        PRAYER WALK:

Walking in Tillicoultry and praying

13th Mar      ALL AGE PRAYER:

young and older coming together to pray so all can join in

20th Mar      PRAYER and PRAISE:

praise, worship, prayer and testimony to inspire and thank God



COMMIT to something TRY something new

With the range of things going on, we hope that you have found something that will suit you and help you to pray. There may be other things that are new to you.

Chose one, or a number of things that you like and commit to doing those things during this 40 days.

Also, why not choose something that you haven’t tried before or is a bit different and try it out, it could be really good for you.


We pray that through this month we will know God at work and celebrate that together.


Sauchie Community Choir

People of all ages and abilities are wanted for our community choir.

We would particularly love it if we could get someone who can play keyboard (we have a keyboard in the centre). The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment, not competitiveness.

We meet in Sauchie Resource Centre(opposite the Mansfield Arms), Mar Place, Sauchie, on Tuesdays (starting February 2nd), from 7-9pm.

If interested or if you wish more information, please contact Angela Leask, M: 07532274720, T: 01259 572075, E: wee-leask-1.ciera.29@inbox.com

A great update from Christians Against Poverty

Happy new year to you!

I hope and pray you had a really great Christmas. As we move into a new year, it’s great to reflect on all that God’s done through CAP with your support in 2015.

We helped

  • 16,656 new people to work their way out of debt!
  • 2,642 people became debt free!
  • 25% of the people who attended a CAP Job Club got a job! (that’s 376 people!)
  • Most importantly, 877 people found a new relationship with Jesus!

As you hear these figures, I want you to know that these are real people, with real families who live in streets just like yours. Real mums and dads whose lives you have helped save, with children you have helped feed. Let that sink in and be truly thanked for your support.

John Kirkby
Founder and International Director

Child Protection Policy

For all those involved with work with youth and children in the church, here is our updated Child Protection Policy.

A copy can be emailed or paper copy given by Sue Swift.