Invisible People

Mark 10:46-52

Do we feel invisible or insignificant? God sees and cares for us. What do you want God to do for you?

What a friend we have in Jesus

Luke 7:18-35

A friend to others is being a friend of Jesus.
Do I know that Jesus is my friend?
Who are my ‘thems’?
How am I helping others find Jesus as a friend?
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An encounter with Jesus

Luke 5:1-11

Jesus says he has specific things for just us to do. How has God called you to do that? What holds me back? Jesus says don’t be fearful. He is our Lord rather than master.


Trust in Jesus

Luke 18:1-8

Why do we have to pray over and over? It keeps us talking to God.


The Jesus of Revelation

Revelation 19:1 & 11-16

Is Jesus character manifesting in my life?


God at work in Nepal

Luke 4:16-21

We can learn a lot from Christians in Nepal.


In my Father’s house

Luke 2:42-52

Are we learning and growing in wisdom and favour with God and man?


Trust that Jesus is Lord

Romans 10:9-10

Look to Jesus because God can’t be seen.
What does your reaction say about Jesus being your Lord?


Ross Cramb was interviewed about his work for Scripture Union Scotland.

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Jesus is Lord

Romans 10:9-13

Jesus is our boss but also wants to be our friend.