It’s all about Jesus

Sunday Service | March 22

Speaker: Mark Fyfe from Kirkintilloch Baptist Church

Posted by Tillicoultry Baptist on Sunday, March 22, 2020

Philippians 1

Sunday Service Live Stream

Sermon – Faith on the front lines

Preacher: Alastair Seaman

Posted by Tillicoultry Baptist on Sunday, March 15, 2020

The sermon starts 35 minutes in.

Shine like stars

Philippians 2:1-15 & Acts 16:11-15

When there is no seed sown, as is the case in our community, we have to show by our lives that there is something different about us. We should have the mind of Christ and keep serving one another in love as this is our witness.

Church for now

Church like software versions:

Church 1.0 Jerusalem: Acts 2.42-47
Antioch 1.1
Thessalonica 1.2
Rome 1.3
Ephesus 1.4
Pax Romania 2.0 state religion
Still today 2.0 but maybe 2.6778
Are we ready for church 3.0?