February 28th | Sunday Service

Scripture: Matthew 8:1-13

Speaker: Ian Rankine

February 21st | Sunday Service

Scripture: Luke 4:14-21

Speaker: Alastair Seaman

December 27th | Sunday Service

Speaker: Andy Walker

December 24th | Christmas Eve Service

Speaker: Sandy Falconer

December 20th | 4th Advent Service

Speaker: Martin Haworth

December 13th | 3rd Advent Service

Speaker: Alastair Seaman

Wow! My Dad made that.

Psalm 8

Can we try to:
Seek time to enjoy nature.
We have sinned. Repent.
Consume less. Things and energy.

The Acts of God and His apostles

Acts chapters 1 to 28.

This book is the acts of God through many people. How will you allow Him to work through you this week?